Special Yoga

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Yoga can help your special child fulfil their full potential

Yoga for the Special Child is a gentle therapeutic programme created by Sonia Sumar. Every child is unique and this approach benefits both mind and body. It is suitable for children and babies with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, learning difficulties, developmental delay and complex special needs or multi sensory impairment.

I work with each child individually and design a programme around them.

This will include physical postures to help build strength and flexibility and breathing exercises which help tone the lungs, reduce hyperactivity and aid relaxation.

Regular one to one therapy or small group classes improve your special childs motor coordination, strength, concentration and understanding. Children with pain or spasms find yoga helps them relax and enjoy their bodies. Children with little movement find new sensations and independence.

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Yoga brings a new sense of physical and emotional well being and can be practised at home to benefit the whole family.

The Yoga for the Special Child Programme was founded by Sonia Sumar in Brazil and is now internationally recognised. Sonia practised yoga with her daughter Roberta who had Down Syndrome. The benefits she saw lead her to train as a yoga teacher and set up her own yoga centres in Brazil and the USA. Sonia’s dream is to to help the world’s special children to achieve their full potential and become active and productive members of society. Her book, Yoga for The Special Child has been translated into many languages including Chinese, Dutch and English.

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